OEM Supplier of Walmart's Equate Cotton Swab

 T'angcare Medical is a professional supplier of Cotton Swabs of all for use in Cosmetic, Personal Hygiene, Medical Care, Electronic, Optics and Printing industries. Our customers include international chain super market, drug store, hospital, individual clinic, beauty salon and industrial manufacturing enterprises. We offer superior cotton swabs of different shapes and sizes to meet your special requirements. Your interest is highly appreciated.

- We created a Quality Control Policy to cover all respects and enforce it more strictly. We source high quality raw material. Every production process is controlled carefully as per Medical Quality Standard.

- We are equipped with Full Auto Production Line to avoid hand contact with swabs, to assure product quality being reliable and stable. We have the finest team of R&D and professional class laboratory instrument.

- To keep our product at its most cleanliness and hygiene, we take measurement as more as we can to decrease the possibility of contamination of items being produced.

The History of T'angcare Medical
2002 - Founded as T'angcare Medical Products (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
2002 - Permitted to produce and sell medical grade cotton swab.
2002 - Started exportation of cotton swab.
2003 - Customization of labeling as contracted supplier to Wal-Mart and other super markets.
2004 - Paper shaft cleanroom cotton swab developed.
2005 - Imported full-auto cotton swab production line.
Imported cotton sliver and paper stick to make cleanroom cotton swab.
2006 - Moved to newly enlarged production base.
2007 - Attended National Med Expo
2008 - Black Cotton Swab developed
2008 - Attended South China Electronic Trade Show

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